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it will start to pick up about 10:00 p.m. tonight especially over the north bay and and it really heavy over night. here's what's going on right now, the showers are mainly along the coastline, like rain over san francisco, also over san mateo. just like showers and drizzle. you could see the rainfall barely been let's go ahead and look at the wider view picture. right along the coastline, were seeing rain push up to the north and into the bay area. he will continue to see the rain overnight and that is why a flood warning has been issued for the delta out including vallejo and fairfield under the flood warning. we will see two big storms this week, one tonight and the other on thursday. it flooding concerns. the possible
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flooding we could see in low-lying areas as well as the coastal hills. if we will talk all about that, coming up in a bed. >>pam: residents in scotts valley are keeping one eye on the weather and the other on a huge rock slide. this has wiped out the road leading to their homes. at 200 but section is now under a mountain of huge rocks, down trees and mud. santa cruz county inspectors are concerned that the hillside is still moving, and the slide could get worse for the next storm. there is no vehicle access to roughly two dozen homes. about 16 residents are now using a footpath to hiking in and out of the area. it a share after part is using all terrain for wheeler's to help residents gain access. >> i came here after the initial small slide, and then caltrans people showed up and we could all tell it was not done and it was
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going to be big. so i just waited around until it happened. it rained it endlessly to and there was hell. why >>pam: all all of that was happening, her jacki whipped out her smartphones and caught part of the slide on and her phone and posted on youtube. >>kimberlee: is youtube video shows a slide happening in real time. take a look at this free to live for residents. >> all man, oh man! oh my god! >>kimberlee: as he could see the them started to fall, first very slowly than faster with poultry's discretion into the road. the people taking this line eventually had to run away because of falling mallon came very close to them. as
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you heard earlier that you did what section of nelson rd. now wonder about the of roads and downed trees and mind. >>pam: the road is closed on halliburton drive in the oakland hills. that's where residents are keeping an eye on a mudslide that threatens homes there. the unstable hillside threatens more each time it rains. land surveyors were on the area that in the area for engineers. now to kron 4 to resaw she is live in mill valley this evening. >>terisa: crews have been out here in el valley scrambling all day to try and save some beach and boats from the beach. this is one of about a dozen boats that broke free this weekend when we had those with high winds. our cameras were rolling when a salvage the city came out here trying to tow a house boat back to safety. they did encounter some major problems so they had to stop. here she is to explain
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what happened and why it's potentially dangerous. >> there are holes in the bottom of the hall and much it starts taking on water it will sink. the danger of the sinking is number one they can cause danger to where to go vessels, once its exhibits and a channel the area another vessel could come along and had gone in and they would get damage. they could sink. of course, it would destroy the inside of the house vote. >>terisa: are you also trying to save the boat? >> we are attempting to get it off without causing any more damage. that way the owner should they want a house boat back, we'll have the least amount of damage possible. >>terisa: this house " that they're going to come back tomorrow and put the flotation devices inside and see if they can lifted off of the rocks and be able to tow it back to the harbor
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over there in sausalito. it's not just his boat, around the corner there's another boat. down the way into braun there are a couple of other boats that are over there on the beach. certainly a situation where they have to see and get those boats. of course we of other boats coming so were trend is scrambling get these things done. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: turning now to the very bonds perjury trial. opening statements today in the trial of former giants slugger barry bonds. dan was at the courthouse for the first it's the money. >>dan: prosecutors emphasized the relationship between barry bonds and his personal trainer craig anderson. to men's pleaded guilty to distributing or anabolic steroids and drugs in connection with the delco investigation. prosecutors accused bonds of a lie saying he first said he didn't take them, then saying he did take them to know what it was.
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prosecutors say anderson and will testify that he admitted using steroids. defense attorney allen ruby said it to the grand jury transcript and juries will be able to " understand what really happened ". barry answered every question, he told the truth he did his best. he was on the trash the main prosecution witness is, as their target on the level people who access to bond. in the afternoon, the chief investigator in the bell " case said between greg anderson is and the storage locker they found syringes, files and a variety of the illegal drugs as well as documents that indicated they were distributing performance enhancing drugs to lead athletes. he testified that on status to the grand jury were inconsistent with
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pretty much everything else they covered in the dow go investigation. the next witness expected to take the stand is steve hoskins, he is barry bonds former personal assistant. at the federal courthouse in san francisco, kron 4 news. >>pam: stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage of the barry bonds perjury trial. coming up we go deeper into the court proceedings and take a look at what's coming up later this week. we will be joined by legal analyst michael cardozo. tonight at 5:10 p.m., coming home dozens of families evacuated from japan return home. what they're saying about being back on u.s. soil. off at 5:45 p.m., to air man saved after their plane crashes in libya. how they survived. plus, the growing strife in libya. at 550 p on the link some people will go to save money on gasoline and why
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>>pam: 11 days after the devastating earthquake in tsunami, japan's government says the number of confirmed deaths has topped 9000. nearly 14,000 are still missing. the region is being wracked by strong aftershocks, there were four today > magnitude 6. the news from the crippled nuclear power plant is a little more encouraging. repair crews have restore electrical conditions. the lights in the containment building are back on and are out there to find a wether the cooling pumps can be restarted. on the downside, officials now say the damage to the no. 1 and 2 reactors is thought worse than previously thought three of repairing them will take much longer than expected. most of the damages due to corrosion from sea water. today, the head of the company which owns the power plant issued the first apology. he visited each of
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the evacuation centers set up of people displaced by the nuclear emergency. it is forced tens of thousands of people from their homes and contaminated fruit crops in the 25 mi. radius. hundreds of americans who voluntarily departed japan are now back in the bay area today. your looking at video of the military families arriving at travis air force base this morning. two flights arrive today, one this morning in one this afternoon. >> i have a five want those in even know the radiation as low, i was worried about her. >> we were told it was ok, and relax. encouraged us to stay in our home last friday, saturday and sunday because the way the wind was blowing from north to south. also, with the reactor sometimes they were safe,
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then they couldn't get it quite under control. >>pam: defense department approved the departures to help reduce demand for food, water, fuel and electricity in the aftermath of the magnitude 9.0 earthquake and the resulting tsunami. >>jacqueline: the scene like the rain is over but it will pick up tonight into tomorrow morning. thundershowers for tomorrow afternoon and more rain thursday afternoon. will talked about flooding concerns, coming up in a few more minutes.
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>>kimberlee: not flex, down. this is what the website looks like. the website and the ability to instantly watch movies temporarily unavailable. they're continuing to receive and send out duties from the shipping centers. the city engineers are working to fix the problem. as an is to get an update, we will bring you
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that update. >>pam: our big story today, the weather. this is video of san francisco earlier were the umbrellas were out. let's check in with jacqueline because certainly the rain is going to get heavier as today moves along. >>jacqueline: it's certainly well. a live look in san francisco, it looks like a shot as rose and but she could see the ground not to wet at this hour. we are seeing light showers along the coastline. the rain just offshore starting to pick up and go right for the bay area. heavy rain overnight, flooding concerns as we make our way through the week. too strong systems tonight into tomorrow and thursday. this is raising the concerns for flooding along the coastline. because of the two strong systems, we will see periods of moderate to heavy rain up to an inch per hour along the coast.
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with so much rain recently, the crown can take much more. if there is a potential flooding and mud and rock slides. future cast, 10:00 tonight, you could see moderate range for most of the north bay. it also an oakland in san francisco. by midnight the rains will pick up, notice areas of large through the north bay and the coastline indicating heavier rain. that heavy rain pelted down on vallejo, fairfield and that thought. by 6:00, areas of heavier rain scattered throughout the bay area at including 7:00 in the morning. he see that aren't indicating heavier rainfall, through the the clock tower still at the time the morning schmid ends up that's when things will improve both a figure. in the afternoon, scattered showers and scattered thundershowers. we do have the possibility of thundershowers into
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tomorrow and another storm rolling through thursday morning. not much of a break. friday, a break from the rain but it will be back late to friday and early saturday. finally sunday and next week things will dry out. >>pam: back to the barry bonds perjury trial. today his former trainer went back to jail for refusing to testify at the slugger's perjury trial. the judge allowed greg anderson and content again today. he was held in custody until he testifies or until the trial ends which could be as long as four weeks. joining me now to analyze what happened today, our legal analyst and attorney michael cardozo. why creek anderson is doing what he is discussing is all the speculation. what you think will be the most damaging evidence against bonds? >> and that sure there will be one witness the gets on the stand will be the one that pushes the trout one
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way or another. think one of the biggest blocks will be the professional athletes that come in. the ones that come in will say craig anderson was my trainer, gray gave me the crane which i knew as athletes to be steroids. the government can then argue he was barry's trainer, he gave the cream to very why didn't bury know that it was steroids. the intellectually that's what those witnesses will give them among other things. >>pam: it's called the upcoming witnesses of bitter, unreliable will that hold up the trial? >> it might, you never know what the prosecution i did that for 15 years. we never know, you talk to what is in your office and you say they're perfect. they hit the witness stand, they implode. there is what are the skill of the d.a., on cross-examination. i didn't
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represent steve back in the beginning of all of this one very accuse steve of stealing from him and forging his signature. i represented him because the government came to was and were looking at steve because of the claims. >>pam: you think the defense did not settle? they encouraged him to settle what you think they didn't? >> think it's a well thought out plan by barry. he thinks, if i'd leave it for fun convicted i may lose my ability to get into the hall of fame. i may lose that home-run title in a report back to hank aaron. it will not go to trial, if i do go to trial what's the worst. looking at the history of this, the most they've done is for six months and i got home detention. barry thinks why not. >>pam: he may see on not guilty.
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>> if he does and commits perjury on the stand that he will get hammered with a lot of time. he will testify though. >>pam: stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage of the barry bonds perjury trial. we'll keep you updated read here and on >>catherine: in national news, a ferocious apartment fire killed five people and pennsylvania. this is station down the street on the street. nobody on the second-floor survived. and not clear how the fire started, a former resident said there had been problems with the electricity. in another tour bus crash in the northeast. i tore bus rolled over into rain 23 people, it happened last they in snowy foggy weather. it this accident was the third in the northeast this month. please have not ruled out criminal charges for the driver. at least 30 children taken to the emergency room after swimming in a hotel pool. this was in texas, a
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paramedic said the children were exposed to wait too much chlorine that can cause serious damage to the lungs. two children had to stay overnight in the hospital. this with the third incident of this kind at the same pool at the embassy suites. >>pam:>>pam: we want to tell you about kron 4 baseball special. this saturday gary will host baseball by the bay with a preview of the giants and the a's, as well as player interviews in an up close look at spring training. that's this saturday at 8:00 p.m. right here on kron 4 news. we'll be right back. [ banker ] when ashley's violin teacher told her parents she was gifted,
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with you when it's time to save. >>pam: water gushing 50 ft. into the air stops traffic. our internet reporter kimberly is here with today's edition of take a look at this. >>kimberlee: let's start of the scene you would want to go through on your way to work. drivers and malibu had to deal with this this morning. water erupting from a fire hydrant along the pacific coast highway. fire
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officials and the trash truck back to the hydrant sharing it off and never so much water crews had trouble getting that fell to shut off. traffic was backed up to 3 mi., mostly due to. of doorjambs are a new trend in south florida. miami and miami beach have invested in these playgrounds for adults. the best part they're free. anybody could stop by and get in a good workout. it's part in getting residence to work out. take a look this, on a nasa employes to take to make a space shuttle. about 2100. that's the many gathered at this us the place and awarded a former human shuttle. it took more than an hour to reach all the participants. the effects of the people showed up, they had to furnish circle round the ship. it's the space program has two more scheduled launches
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before of the shuttles are retired later. >>jacqueline: live look inside, over downtown san francisco. overcast skies, the rate will pick up here shortly. i will tell you when coming up in a bit. [ jerry ] look at this!
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